PHPカンファレンス2019の英語のレポート記事がWORKINJAPAN TODAYに掲載されました。

代表の吉政忠志が執筆するPHPカンファレンス2019の英語のレポート記事がWORKINJAPAN TODAYに掲載されました。


PHP Conference Japan 2019: A Report from one of Japan’s Largest PHP Events

The largest PHP event in Japan, PHP Conference Japan 2019, was held on December 1st, 2019. PHP Conference Japan is actually the world’s first PHP Conference.

It’s a very popular event, and most years see about 1,500 PHPers and those interested in learning PHP in attendance. The majority of attendees are Japanese, but some do come from abroad every year, and this time we had many attendees from Southeast Asia. There were about 40 technical speeches at the conference, and booths from about 50 sponsoring companies. Not only were the speeches well attended, but the sponsor booths were also quite popular. Many PHP Conference Japan presenters are excellent speakers, and can explain cutting edge techniques in easy-to-understand, fun ways, so those who understand Japanese are sure to find the talks fascinating.

Also, the staff at the booths tend to be quite open, so one of the real standouts of this conference is that even if you attend on your own, you can count on getting direct, warm responses from booth staff. My own first experience was as a solo attendee, but I soon met new friends, and I really remember enjoying it. This is a great example of Japan’s particular PHPer philosophy of inclusiveness, namely “Accept all comers, because PHP fans are all friends!” Also, a lot of people on site can speak at least a little English.

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